ESTS Europees congres uitgebreide thorax chirurgie

Datum:1 juni 2020
Organisator: ESTS
Type: Symposium
Den Haag
Van 31 mei t/m 3 juni in Den Haag. Op maandag 1 juni 2020 met een apart programma voor verpleegkundigen en andere beroepsprofessionals die met deze patiƫntencategorie werken.

Inhoud en mogelijkheid om abstract in te dienen en te pitchen

We would like to invite you to the 7th Nursing & Allied Health Professionals Symposium at
the 28th ESTS conference in The Hague, Netherlands 2020.
The symposium will cover a variety of topics within thoracic surgery that are of interest to this specialist group. The presentations throughout the day will be delivered by invited speakers, oral presentations, posters and workshop based learning. 

This is the most important and largest international symposium for thoracic surgery. The organization and efficiency of care is different in every country, not necessarily better or worse, but we can learn from each other to optimize the care for our patients as optimal as possible. This symposium is an excellent opportunity to share experiences. By transferring knowledge and skills, but above all by getting to know each other and networking together. This may offer opportunities to make clear international agreements regarding the care of thorax surgery.

The symposium will also contribute to a positive stimulus for your professional development. Important and recent studies in the field of thoracic surgery are discussed. And perhaps it challenges you to participate in research to further develop and qualitatively improve the
care provided to this patient group.

In our opinion the outcome of all our work in thoracic surgery yields the most optimal benefit for our patients and ourselves if we perform as a team. Please consider to attend this meeting and the submission of abstracts therefore as a team, both for a high level
scientifical and social learning event. 

Have you become enthusiastic about thoracic surgery? Submit your abstract for a presentation, sign up for a poster presentation or sign up for an interesting workshop that you want to share. Simply register for the symposium!

Feel welcome in our hospitable The Hague from 31 May to 3 June 2020 and enjoy what the ESTS and the Netherlands has to offer.

Call for abstracts is from 2 December 2019
to 28 February 2020

When participating in the nursing programme, you are welcome to join the other scientific sessions as well.

We are looking forward to welcoming you.
Dr. Willem-Hans Steup
Chair, Local Organising Committee

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